Monday, July 20, 2009

Designer Changing Bag Giveaway!!

Luckily for me, when the traumatic incident that I told you about in my last post happened, I had my new Camille Burgoyne brown and turquoise all-in-five changing bag with me. PHEW!! Click on this link if you'd like to see the range, and if you send me a blank cheque, I'll enter you into my competition for one. The first 5 blank cheques I get will win, but I'll still fill in and bank the others, so don't worry if you're not reading this blog post within the first hour of it being published. I like a competition where everyone gets something. Must be the party-planning Mummy in me! I helped my sister organise my niece’s party, which I had at my home because oh, that's just so much nicer than paying “other people” at “a venue” to entertain your children (although that's fine too, if you want to do that). I made sure that all the children won a game, and then EVERYONE got a prize!!

But I digress. Back to the Camille Burgoyne bags. They are just GREAT!!! Take it from me. You open the top, and you put everything you need inside: nappies, wipes, sudocrem, rattley toy to keep Baby amused while you are doing the business. Everything fits!!! That is what good design is ALL about! Every mummy should have a Camille Burgoyne bag, and HERE'S YOUR CHANCE!!!

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